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WARNING : GRAPHIC PHOTOS – THE INJURIES – not for sensitive viewers #CheetahAttack on 10 YO Boy

This is Aiden’s Story.

Meet Aiden. An active, charming, sensitive, loving, intelligent, diligent, 10 year old boy. He loves being outdoors, playing with one of their numerous pets and playing sport, be it hockey, soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, swimming or running.

Aiden went on a school trip on Thursday 6th August 2015 to a Captive Cheetah Breeding Centre in Ladysmith, rightly expecting to be kept safe and protected. Whilst on the trip, a cheetah managed to grab hold of Aiden, rip chunks of flesh and skin off of him and puncture him with bites. All this whilst the poor child tried to punch the cheetah to free himself from its grip. The same cheetah had attacked an elderly lady the previous day, who has just been released from ICU, but this was never disclosed until some 4 days after Aiden’s event.


It is evident from the initial doctor’s report that the tissue (muscle) and skin around the wounds had already become infected and that it was necrotic – that means it was dying.

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FaceBook page is up and Running, Pictures and more, Please Like, share and comment.

After much deliberation and a very long time, we have finally opened up our Facebook Page which will enable other nature lovers and conservationists to share their photos, experiences, post events and more with us.

We would love to see you there.

The sanctuary Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Centre in Ashburton, KZN, SA

The sanctuary Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Centre in Ashburton, KZN, SA


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