On the Trail of the Man-Killers, Book by Author and Wildlife Expert Garth Carpenter (Paperback) — Lulu GB

08 Sep

On the Trail of the Man-Killers by Garth Carpenter (Paperback) — Lulu GB.

Garth has published his first book, relating true accounts of his escapades with these magnificent African creatures.

Price: £7.20
Ships in 3–5 business days

Africa is often referred to as a country abounding in witchcraft and wild animals or ‘Myths and Marauders’. Of course, not all the animals are marauders just as all the Africans are not ruled by witchcraft; although legend and superstition do still play a large part in the life of the average African. Man is not the natural prey of any animal and when one of these mighty beasts turns against humans, it is capable of wreaking destruction on a terrible scale until death ends its reign of terror. Man, unless armed, is a puny creature and no match for the horns or claws against which circumstances sometimes pit him. Small wonder that an animal on the rampage is so feared by the natives whose areas they invade. It is therefore up to a hunter skilled in taking down man-eaters and marauders, to come face to face with these wild beasts which, until stopped, rain destruction and death down upon the peoples who cower in the shadow of their wild brutality.


Garth Carpenter is such a hunter


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