The Sanctuary Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre says Farewell to Red Cat the Caracul

02 Sep

The Sanctuary Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Farewell to Red Cat the Caracul.


red cat, the caracul, the sanctuary wildlife care and rehabilitation centre


Update: Red Cat the Caracul (Karakal) has been a part of the Carpenter household for nigh on 18 years and a familiar sight to visitors and supporters of The Sanctuary.. Read his story below.

Sadly, Red Cat was put to rest on 01 September 2011, after battling old age for quite a while.

Although not endangered in this part of the world the caracul lives in its natural habitat in the wild for a period of around 8 to 9 years. Red Cat lived to twice this length of time in captivity. He had a good life and was well loved and certainly well respected by all who “met” him. (I mean, hello! Did you see those teeth?) As a youngster he would playfully jump onto Carol, who is only little – and probably half his weight. It was play time. He did not realize that he was no longer a playful little kitten who would sit on Garth’s shoulder, but a maturing and extremely solid – and heavy – creature of the wild who, due to circumstances, was unable to be released back into the wild.

There was not a time we visited The Sanctuary that we did not visit Red Cat, and almost every time he posed for a photo shoot. We have those images of him, which show him to be a well-loved and extremely well taken care of animal and these pictures bear testimony to the love and commitment Garth and Carol have for each and every one of their wards, whether temporary or permanent.

Love and thoughts are with these two amazing people who will no doubt feel his loss for a very long time to come. This photograph of Red Cat was taken during June 2011. What a magnificent creature!



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