#Africa #Wildlife #Conservation Updates from The Sanctuary – Pictures :)

16 Jul

Last weekend, weather permitting, it was planned to release some rescued reedbuck into the enclosure on the premises at The Sanctuary. The enclosure is a large, natural environment that has been secured to protect the animals from poachers, hunters and predators just until they are familiar enough with being in the wild after which they are then released into a massive protected reserve where they are monitored, but allowed to roam free. The animals are only released into those areas identical to their own natural habitats. The animals that are unable to be released back into the wild remain at the natural reserves at The Sanctuary where they are protected and cared for, for the remainder of their lives.

Unfortunately for me we did not get to witness the release. I say unfortunately because while I have been present at the rescue of animals, and their release into the safe enclosures at The Sanctuary I have never been present when a healed rescued animal is released into the wild. So armed with camera, video, et al, I anticipated uploading and updating the various blogs and websites with live broadcasts and images of the release. The release will take place only in the most perfect of perfect conditions, and only if the animal is absolutely ready for release. I look forward to bringing you information on that when it does happen.

I think Serena, who is suspected to be pregnant, will probably be released back into the wild fairly soon. While she was reared at The Sanctuary she is not human imprinted and her young will also not be exposed to human elements. This will be exciting for everyone – although I will definitely miss her, she poses beautifully for the camera J

The trip to The Sanctuary was not in vain however. Stalker, the rather aggressive Egyptian Goose, and his mate have 8 little goslings, the cutest things you ever laid eyes on. He’s a bit aggressive towards both humans and other animals, but seems to have taken on the role as daddy, and is rising to the occasion. We did have a slight hiccup though. The kids took along a friend on the day who decided she was going to chip in and help Aaron in the Goose Enclosure. What the kids didn’t realize is that Goose aka Stalker is aggressive and more so now that he’s playing Daddy. He attached himself to Aiden’s thumb, after having a go at Savannah’s hand. This a couple of days after deciding he was NOT letting go of Aaron’s ear. I can only imagine… where was I with my camera? I say again, as I have done thousands of times, this is truly a labour of love!

Here are a few pictures I took on the day. You’ll see Serena, while she allowed me to get close enough to photograph her, was wide-eyed and bushy tailed, and I think any sudden movements and she would have darted off. She’s actually quite poser – and very beautiful!

Enjoy the photographs. I will bring you more soon. In the meantime, we have opened up an online store where our “original” photography can be obtained, either in print form, on canvas, framed, stationery, apparel and goodies for the home.

As more land is developed on The Sanctuary more financing will be required to cope with the ever-increasing guests and their needs at the lodge and so we will expand our collections of memorabilia, and probably hold more events.

That’s it for me for today,

Have a safe and happy weekend

Best wishes



Stalker – DADDY GOOSE ▼▼▼▼


▲▲SERENA, very beautiful ▼▼

▼▼▼Trying to keep Aiden and Jaydin (friend) seriously still so Serena didn’t jump off J

▼▼▼Nattie cannot be released into the wild due to the nature of his injuries, but he is very happy at The Sanctuary. Mommy Carol built this little dam and rockery inside one of the very large enclosures and he just loves to visit. There are another 3 dams in the same enclosure, and today Carol took me walkabout on the newest developments and expansions. The next few weeks will see the commencement of the WildLifeMuseum being built – something I look forward to photo-blogging.

▼▼ Garth explaining to Jaydin what happened to the little blue duiker who, through serious injuries, cannot be released into the wild.

That’s it for now… Hope you enjoyed the pictures.. See you soon!

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